“A Florentine Death”

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A Florentine Death By Michele Giuttari (Little, Brown Book Group)

Reviewed on September 15, 2011 by Booklist

“Giuttari writes mysteries out of his hard-won expertise…Famous for investigating the workings of the Chinese Mafia in Italy and reopening investigation of the “Monster of Florence” serial killings, Giuttari also brings an Italian’s appreciation of food, opera, and the tangled history and the architectural, pictorial, and scenic beauties of Florence…The novel works on many levels. It contains a more than credible cop hero with an engaging private life, a teeth-grinder of a mystery, and marvelous guidance to the wonders and terrors of Florence. Fans of Donna Leon will especially love Giuttari’s style and sense of place and may even find Giuttari more attentive to Florentine scenery”

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